Visions of life with climate change

August 2011

This report is a compilation of the community photostories below. It outlines ResourceAfrica UK's aim of bridging the knowledge and information gap and highlights how photostories can be used as a climate change vulnerability assessment tool. They are innovative, inclusive and fun ways of detecting community vulnerabilities. The photostories presented were instrumental in guiding ResourceAfrica UK's climate change communication interventions in each country.

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Climate Change, Energy & REDD

June 2011

This presentation has been developed as part of ResourceAfrica UK's technical training in climate change and related issues under the CCCAP.

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Community Photostories

April - July 2011

ResourceAfrica UK has been active in southern and eastern Africa over the last year. Partnering with local NGOs from Namibia, Tanzania and Kenya communities in the region were engage to tell their stories through photographs. Community members were training in using a digital camera, which they used for a day or two to document their lives. In depth discussions around the pictures lead to photostories that highlight the community's livelihood challenges and opportunities and their climate change experiences and vulnerabilities.







Climate Theatre presentation

RAUK was invited to present at the Commonwealth Climate Change Communication Conference (C5) 2010.

The presentation explains what climate change means to Africa and highlights RAUK's experience from South Africa with the Bennde Mutale Theatre Group and plans for Namibia, Tanzania and Kenya under the CCCAP. 

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