ResourceAfrica UK is a not-for-profit institution active in southern and eastern Africa. Our activities focus on community-based adaptation to climate change through communication outreach.

"Building Capacity, Raising Awareness, Supporting Knowledge Exchange"

Our overall strategy is to promote good governance and democratic practice in building and supporting community-based institutions as essential requirements for sustainable development, effective natural resource-based management and successful climate change adaptation.

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Climate Theatre photo & The World Has Malaria video

Climate Hearings II: Have you heard us?

This film depicts community testimonies from Tanzania in the lead up to COP17. It is being aired on national television to awareness on the UNFCCC climate change conference and how it relates to communities in Tanzania.

ResourceAfrica UK at COP17:

28 Nov. – 9 Dec.: Virtual exhibition space. One out of 25 organisations that are partaking in the UNFCCC virtual NGO space to upload material, screen films, share photos and facilitate discussions.

28 Nov. – 2 Dec.: Exhibition stall at the Adaptation Hub area  – observer organization space. Showcasing "Visions of Life with Climate Change" community photostories.

29 Nov.: Hosting the Adaptation Hub Q&A session on ”Adaptation in Africa” at the Adaptation Hub area.

1 Dec.: Participating in the Climate Communication Day.

2 Dec.: Participating at the Heinrich Boell Foundation Reception

3 Dec. – 4 Dec.: Participating at the IIED organized Development & Climate (D&C) Days at the COP.

4 Dec.: Screening of the film ”A Plain Plan” as one out of ten finalists at the D&C days film festival at the Southern Sun - watch it.

5 Dec.: Receiving a prize at the World Bank hosted Connect4Climate Film Awards at the Africa Pavilion.

Community publication:

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